Make payments and standing orders* for free

Sign up for this time-saving benefit from Cashplus Deluxe and we’ll manage up to 20 payments, transfers and standing orders per month.

You may only need to set up your payments and standing orders service once and, if you keep the account topped up with money, you need never miss a payment again. So, you’ll avoid late fees and protect your credit history at the same time.

You can use your Cashplus Deluxe account to make regular or one-off payments like:

  • Satellite TV subscriptions
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Your rent or mortgage
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Loan repayments
  • Christmas clubs

Any payment of the same amount each month can be paid using your Cashplus account. You can also just make a one-off payment, such as your TV Licence or paying your council tax, all in one go.

Please take a look at what you need to know about our payments and standing orders service below. It contains important information about the processing of payments.

When you sign up for your Cashplus Deluxe account, remember to add payments and standing orders when you apply online. Alternatively, once you have your Cashplus card, call us FREE on 0800 358 4576 to set up your payments.

  • Electronic payment is ideal for if you don’t want to carry lots of cash around and then wait in long queues to pay your bills. You’ll need to have Total Access with your Cashplus Deluxe account, meaning we’d have had to have your identity fully verified. Remember to keep your account topped up with enough money to cover the cost of your payments.

  • We can make up to 20 payments for you each month, so long as they are:

      1. Payments you make more than once, where the amount and date is always the same or
      2. Single payments of up to £5,000 – if there’s enough money in your account and…
      3. more than a total of £5,000 each month – if there’s enough money in your account

    A request to set up a payment must be received by us at least ten business days before the payment is due (for example, if you'd like to make your payment on Wednesday 25th of a month, you need to make your request no later than Wednesday 11th of that month). You can set up payments over the phone, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

    Payments can be set up with the peace of mind that, if we ever withdraw this service, we’ll give 30 days’ notice, so there’s time to change to another way to make payments.
  • You can arrange up to 20 payments to be made each month, absolutely free!

  • We'll send you a message via the Members' Area to confirm your payment(s) has/have been set up.

  • If your details are incorrect please phone us the same day you receive confirmation in the Members' Area. You need to do so on the same day to give us time to correct the details and still make the payment.

    If you want to change your details, please contact us on 0800 358 4576.  Remember to give us ten days notice so your payment date is not affected.

    Once set up, a payment cannot be cancelled if the payment date is less than five business days away from the date that we receive your request to cancel.

  • Please make sure you have enough money in your account five working days before the payment is due. This is because five working days before your payment is due we'll deduct the money to process your payment on time.

    If we can’t make a payment as there is not enough money in your account on that day we can't try again in that month on another day, but we'll try again on the next scheduled date.

    If more than one payment is to be made on the same day and there is not enough money to make all the payments, we'll try to make the payment with the highest value first. We'll make as many payments as possible with the money you have available. Please check the Members’ Area to see which payments have been made.

  • Once you receive the confirmation in the Members' Area, you have until 5pm the next business day to alert us of any errors with the details

    If we make a payment based on incorrect details you provided, you'll need to resolve the issue with the person who received the payment.

  • If you have any questions, contact us on  0800 358 4576. We'll answer any questions about your Cashplus account that you may have.

    Now that you've read what you need to know about electronic payments, sign up now and add this FREE feature during the application process. Once you have received your Cashplus card, please call us for FREE on 0800 358 4576 to set up your payments.

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